Jason Lafreniere

Jason Lafreniere

Teens Coach

Born and raised in Las Vegas, I am a proud Las Vegan who takes pride in his community. As an avid endurance adventure racer, I suffered an injury in 2011 which brought my endurance career to an end. Shortly after, I was introduced to CrossFit and I quickly filled the competitive void in my life. 

After taking my level-1 class, I found the science and method of CrossFit to be as convincing as the “post workout highs”. I then committed myself to the craft and, consequently, found myself in fittest shape of my life. 

I am married (and boy did I marry up) and my wife and I have three daughters and we are a family engrossed in the CrossFit culture. 

I have committed my life and professional career to the children in our community and with an unwavering sureness I can attest to the benefit of sports and fitness, and more specifically, CrossFit, in the lives of children and teens.

As a coach of Apollo’s Teens and Kids program, I have the privilege of witnessing first hand, the evolution of the children and teens in our program. 

The other coaches and I have been fortunate enough to watch, almost daily, our young members gain the ability, strength, confidence, courage, and essential life abilities needed to succeed today.