Emily Mott

Emily Mott


I don’t ever remember not being busy with sports. Growing up in a small town there’s not much else to do. From a young age I played whatever sport was in season, which continued through high school and led me to a collegiate career in volleyball.

My first taste of CrossFit was right after I got done playing volleyball. Feeling pretty confident in my fitness level I went as hard as I could go. About 2/3 of the way through the WOD I thought I was going to die and quickly found the bathroom where I puked. I knew right then I would be back for more, I refuse to quit something just because it’s hard! DON’T WORRY! We will make sure your first experience goes much better than mine did!

I took a break from CrossFit to have a couple kids and focus on my home life. I didn’t think I had time to do something for myself and quickly lost myself in the daily grind of motherhood. My husband could see I was in a major funk and needed something for myself. He talked me into rejoining at Apollo which is the best thing I’ve done for myself! On top of the physical benefits I’ve found it much easier to get through my days without losing my mind! I also love that I’m setting an example of a healthy, active life for my three boys 6, 4, and 2 years old!

Through coaching I quickly learned that encouraging our members, building up their confidence and seeing them hit their goals feels just as good, if not better, as hitting my own. It is something that I have truly come to love!