Chad Pool

Chad Pool


I was first introduced to a CrossFit workout from a friend, and having been in what I thought was decent shape, I gave it a try and was completely destroyed and humbled by it!  I was hooked!  Me and my wife quickly cleared out our garage and sold off old items to save money for purchasing equipment.  Starting in 2012 we did CrossFit out of our garage 4-5 days a week, even during those hot Vegas summers.  Often times our three kids would be playing in the driveway or riding bikes as we pushed through a workout.  

Through some amazing friends we were convinced to join Apollo and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  Having had coaching experience in the past, I was thrilled when a short time after arriving at Apollo, I was asked to join the staff.  With the amazing members and the coaches we have, I am always learning something new.  My love for fitness continues to grow from the experiences I have daily at Apollo.  

One of the draws to CrossFit is the competitive nature it brings.  Testing your fitness against the clock, yourself or others or your friends, make you a better athlete and in turn a better person.  Tackling the demands of everyday life are easier after having pushed your limits in the gym.  Try it and you’ll see for yourself.  Promise.  

CrossFit Level 1
Bachelors in Physical Education
CPR Certified