Phil Washlow

Phil Washlow


I grew up in the Chicago suburbs playing baseball, basketball and golf.  I recently moved to Las Vegas in March of ’19 with my wife, Jackie, our 2 dogs, Gryffin and Hagrid, and soon to be baby (in September).

I started lifting weights in high school and have never looked back.  After some nagging low back stuff in 2012 I found MobilityWod and through that I was introduced to CrossFit and was immediately hooked.  I tried a few workouts at my local globo gym before realizing that I needed instruction and a community.

After only a couple of months I knew CrossFit would always be a big part of my life and decided to pursue my Level 1.  I immediately fell in love with coaching and have been doing so ever since.

It is our job to teach people how to properly move their body through space, interact with external objects, and have the capacity to do the things they love.  Here, in that endeavor, they will form close bonds with the people working hard around them.  I have made some of my closest friends through CrossFit and the community it breeds.  I look forward to having that always be the case as I do this for the rest of my life.

CrossFit Level 3
Precision Nutrition Level 1
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