Tuesday 3.24.2020

“Netflix & Lysol”
4 Minute AMRAP:

BUY IN – 200 Single unders
20 Ground to overhead
10 Strict pull-ups
Rest 4 Minutes

4 Minute AMRAP:
BUY IN – 100 Double unders
20 Ground to overhead
10 Strict pull-ups
Rest 4 Minutes

4 Minute AMRAP:
BUY IN – 50 Triple Unders
20 Ground to overhead
10 Strict pull-ups
Rest 4 Minutes

Modify the jump rope to allow you to complete each buy-in within 90 seconds. Start each AMRAP where you left off on your last AMRAP.

Sunday 3.22.2020

Sunday Active Recovery WOD
This is the perfect day to recover through some quality stretching. Follow along with my recommended video or make up your own routine based on how you’re feeling. Just remember the benefits are HUGE. Decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of motion, helps reduce or manage stress, and promotes circulation just to name a few. Enjoy your Sunday and we’ll have another workout video ready for you tomorrow at 5pm.

Saturday 3.21.2020

30 Minutes For Max Distance:
Run, Row, Bike or Swim
Depending on how thrashed you are from the week will dictate intensity. Listen to your body!


Explore Hiking Trail
Each Saturday during this “quarantine” we encourage everyone to go out and express your fitness in ways other than just a workout. Get out there and have some fun.

Friday 3.20.2020

“The Undertaker”
Every 2 Minutes for 15 Rounds:

1 Deadlift
1 Power clean
1 Front squat
1 Clean & jerk
The intention of today’s workout is equal parts strength and conditioning. Push athletes to start off aggressive and potentially build through the course of 15 rounds.
Score = The sum of the weights of each successful round


20 Minute EMOM:
Even – 15 G20 + 30 Double unders
Odd – 20 Sit-ups
Pick weight or modifications that allow you to finish each round in about 40 seconds.

Thursday 3.19.2020

“Strict Lynne”
5 Rounds:

Max reps bench press @ body weight
Immediately into
Max reps of strict pullups
Rest no more than 5 minutes between rounds
Score = total reps in 5 combined rounds


5 Rounds not for time
Quality of movement is priority:

10 Tempo air squats 5511
1:00 Cumulative L-Sit
5/5 Single arm rows 5511
Tempo training. For the squat the first number represents how many seconds it should take you to get to the bottom. The 2nd number represents how long you will hold an engaged squat at the bottom. The 3rd number is how long it will take you to stand back up and the last number is how long you wait before you do it again.

Wednesday 3.18.2020


“It Ain’t My Fault”
For Time:
teams of 2
10,000 Meters Row + Run

Box Brief:

To our Apollo Family,

The Governor of Nevada has ordered all “non-essential” businesses to close their doors for the next 30 days. This includes Apollo.

No worries!!! Apollo at-home workouts are coming your way! This is not ideal for anyone but we are still excited to help each of you stay healthy, happy and fit during these times. Whether you live abroad or right here in Vegas; we have your fitness covered!

It’s the same effective programming you’ve come to love at Apollo but in the convenience of your home. Unfortunately, the face to face community aspect cannot be replaced. But… We can do our best to support each other on our Facebook Apollo Members Page.

Starting tomorrow we will release one video each night at 5pm to our Youtube Channel, the Members Facebook Page and to our blog. The videos will include the following:
-Workout with an explanation of intended stimulus and potential modifications
-Movement demonstrations and points of performance

That’s not all! We have 3 more things we are excited to share with you:
1) Our next Habitap Challenge is set to begin on May 4th. All current Apollo members will be able to join the challenge for FREE! More details to come.
2) You have complete access to Monica, Wes and myself with any questions related to health and fitness. You can reach out to us on Facebook, send us a message or an email at team@crossfitapollo.com. Anything from nutrition questions to sending us a video of your power clean to get some feedback. We are here to help!
3) We are excited to announce that we will allow Apollo members to take equipment home that will be beneficial with our at-home programming. This includes dumbbells, kettle-bells, wall balls, barbells and plates. Equipment pick-up will be on Thursday with the time TBD. More details will be announced tomorrow.

This is such a weird time for all of us. The only way we get through this without losing our minds is with love and support from each of you. We can support each other with virtual high fives until this whole thing plays out.
Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

P.S. We will still have a 5:15 and 6:30 am class tomorrow. All other classes are canceled