October 24th, 2013

3 Rounds:

  • 800 Meter Run
  • 50-Sit Ups
  • 10-Muscle Ups

  • Halloween Party!!!

    This Saturday we will be having a Halloween party at Mark and JoLynn’s house. The party will start at 7 and go until whenever. This is a Costume party, so come dressed up!!!! Also, please bring a side dish and anything you want to drink.

    Saturday Costume WOD

    This Saturday we will be dressing up in Halloween costumes for our WOD. Come dressed up!! The more ridiculous the better.


    We want to clarify a few things regarding the Apollo Games.
    We announced WOD 3 first to give people a better idea of which division to register for. Events 1 & 2 have not been announced, yet. Event 2 will be announced this Wednesday.

    WOD 3 is as follows:
    10 HSPU
    20 chest to bar pull-ups
    30 box jumps (28/24)
    40 KBS (53/36)
    50 double unders, then make your way back up, ending with 10 HSPU

    10 push-ups
    20 pull-ups OR ring rows
    30 box jumps* (24/20)
    40 KBS (54/36)
    50 double unders/150 singles, then make your way back up, ending with 10 push-ups.
    * masters may do step up instead of box jumps.

    All divisions have a 15 minute time cap.

    To Register:


    There are only 100 total spots open for the competition so register