February 23rd, 2012

A) 5 Rounds

  • 15-Ball Slams
  • 15-Pass Through’s
  • 15-Russian Twist

B) 2-2-2-2-2—– Thrusters

Paleo Explained Seriously check this out:)

Our plan for the 2012 CrossFit Open is to host the WOD every Saturday, at 11am, for the duration of the competition. Our SealWOD will be cancelled. We expect everyone to make it in here starting Saturday February 25th, to support all of our athletes. After the WOD, each week, we will have a Potluck BBQ with us supplying the main dish. Everyone is welcome to compete. There will be a prize for the top male and female competitors at the end of the 5 weeks (scaled athletes included). So be ready to have fun!! Bring the right attitude and some food so we can all eat:) See you there.

**Drop in fees for non-members are just $10, or you can buy a t-shirt to join the fun**

To sign up for the Open competition follow link: https://games.crossfit.com/mygames/

1 Response

  1. GamesLab: Active recovery day. 30-60 min at 70% HR any mloadity. If you’re feeling good add some basic gymnastics in, pushups, pullups, etc. Tomorrow is Olympic Weightlifting with Coach Chiu which will end with some max effort squat double and OHS x 20. Then gymnastics and do tomorrow’s’s WOD but sub heavy KB Swings (2pood, 1.5) for the med ball cleans. Friday’s a rest day, Saturday we go hard. We’ve got 2 more weeks of overload and then volume will start to back off. I’d like to have a team meeting on Saturday and would also like your feedback on the most convenient time to train on Saturday’s. I’m open to doing an earlier AM session for the next 5 weeks for the team.