March 22nd, 2013

Either A or B

A) “Maltz Challenge” 9am and 11am classes are cancelled just for today.

Event starts at 11am. Anyone is welcome to come and join in.

Team WOD:
400 meter run
50 pull-ups
100 meter Firemen’s Carry or 200 meter Farmer’s walk (50 lb. Dumbbell for men, 25 lb. Dumbbell for women)
50 dips
100 pushups
50 knees-to-elbows
100 sit-ups, feet anchored
400 meter run

B) Muscle up practice

Plans For The Open

  • All Athletes must check in between 9-9:30 every Saturday
  • Athlete briefing at 9:45
  • First heat starts at 10:00
  • Pot Luck-Bring anything you want to add to our food table.
  • Anyone is welcome to do the WOD but if you want to compete in the Gym Competition, you must sign up for the open (games.crossfit.com).
  • Non-Members-$10 entry fee (each week) to compete.
  • Invite family, friends and acquaintances to come watch and enjoy the fun.
  • There will be no general warm up. You will be required to warm up on your own. We will have a warm up area out back.
  • Every Thursday, for the duration of the Open, the gym WOD will be the Open WOD for the week. If you need someone to verify your score you must have one of our coaches judging your workout. Just let us know.
  • We will be open each Sunday between 2-5pm, for those that need to do the workout.