May 14th, 2012

“Frank” (Fran’s older brother)


  • Squat Clean + Thruster (135/95)
  • Burpee Pull Ups

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  1. Steve Posted on For me, CrossFit is about accomplishing thngis I thought I couldn’t and learning to celebrate the small victories ; whether it’s one more round of Cindy, 0:30 off Fran or a 10LB increase in max back squat. CrossFit teaches, encourages and pushes me to take pride in my accomplishments. As a CrossFitter, I began to see a transformation into celebrating other’s accomplishments as well. When you step into the box, it’s not enough that you are successful and pushing yourself to new limits, but that everyone else inside that box is reaching new limits. I can’t being to count the times when others have finished the WOD before me, and instead of sitting down to recover, they chose to support me (and others) until we have finished; everyone begins & finishes together!