June 20th, 2014
“Goat Day”
20 Minute EMOM:

  • Even Minutes- Goat 1
  • Odd Minutes- Goat 2
    **Be sure to have an idea of what you suck at. Goat= a specific weakness that you have been wanting to work on.

    This Saturday we will be hosting a fundraiser/tribute WOD for the three men killed on June 8th.The workout begins at 11am and will be our only class for the day. Please invite all that want to come support these men.

    Other Announcements
    1.Starting the beginning of July we’ll have a Competitors Classs to be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. More info coming soon.

    2.Starting June 29th we will be offering a Yoga class every Sunday. This will cost a small drop in fee. More info coming soon.