July 24th, 2012

For Time:

3 Rounds-

  • 400 Meter Run
  • 20-Pull Ups
  • 40-Push Ups
  • 60-Squats

Then 400 Meter Run

CrossFit Apollo Competition Saturday August 25th!!! There will be a $5 entry fee to cover prizes for the 3 male and 3 female winners. There are three different experience levels of competition so that everyone can participate.. We would like every single person in the gym to join the competition. It will be a potluck.

1 Response

  1. Did sets of heavy thrusters for the srnttgeh. A bit disappointed in my technique. As the weight got heavier I resorted to pushing the weight out instead of straight up. Skill work 10 ghd sit-ups and 2 deadhangs x 5 (not for time)Wod6 rounds15 box jumps (20 in)5 front Squats (95#)5:21I liked that WOD bc as short as it was it definitely got my heart racing and challenged me mentally. I had to keep reminding myself that box jumps are a srnttgeh of mine and to not stop. Then I had to talk myself into going straight to the bar and picking the weight up without thinking about what being tired felt like. I’m really trying to work on more doing and less thinking. My basketball coach always told that too much thinking gets you in trouble on the court and I find that to be true in CF as well.