Friday 10.11.2019


Friday 10.11.2019

“Open 20.1”
10 Rounds:
8 Ground-to-overheads (95/65)
10 Bar facing burpees
Time Cap: 15 minutes

Box Brief:
Congrats to Lindsay Theodore for being the October Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Lindsay.


Congratulations on becoming the October Member of the Month! I’m so excited to highlight you within the community. You’re an amazing athlete, mom, wife and just an all around great person.
Thank you guys! I feel so special about being Apollo’s member of the month.

You and your husband Jamason have been coming to Apollo for as long as I can remember. What first brought you two into the gym?
Let’s see, not sure if we had bring a friend day back when we started in 2012, but a coworker told me about a CrossFit Box opening up by our house. “CrossFit?” “What the heck is that?” I don’t quite remember the actual conversation. All I knew was that it sounded like death, so why not try it? Ha! It was a butt kicker, but it is also something that I missed, something needed, if that makes sense. After drinking the kool-aid, I was hooked. Everyday I would go home telling Jamo about the WOD’s, finally he decided to give it a try. Now we both have crossed over to the dark side. It’s a part of our lifestyle.

I would describe you as the social butterfly of Apollo. Have you always been such a people person?
I think I have always been a people person. No matter where I am. Everyone has a different story, been many places, I like to try to get to know as many people as possible. You can never have enough friends.

I remember my first class at Apollo, felt a little out of place. Eventually I got to know people and they got to know me. A few years ago, someone told me that I took the time to talk to them and made them feel at home at Apollo. It really never crossed my mind that what a huge deal it was for her. From then on, I really made it a point to have conversations with anyone and everyone. Just taking a few moments out of your day to make small chit chat is very beneficial, not only to whom I was speaking with but to me as well.

Anytime I have you in class you bring a lot of joy with you. What’s your favorite thing about working out?
My favorite thing about working out is the fact that I can have a few cocktails and eat a little bit of snacks late at night. Haha! No seriously though, it is such a good stress reliever for me. I love the feeling after the workout, dislike the coach while the workout is going on :), but love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. The people make the workout too. Everyone is so motivating, and it’s nothing like you can find anywhere else. That, and I like to compete with my hub.#beatjamo. Just kidding babe.

This might be one of my favorite questions to ask. If I were to ask you to make your perfect workout, what would it be?
Well let’s start off with my favorite benchmarks. Grace and DT. Grace was my first accomplishment of getting my name the board. So, if I can somehow combine those, that would be amazing and somewhat death! Sorry everyone, something crazy might be coming. 🙂

You’ve been doing CrossFit for a while now and have accomplished some pretty impressive things. Do you have any advice for someone just starting CrossFit?
I do not have any advice, I do want to offer some encouragement. Stick with it! It is life changing and all around fun. Might not feel fun while you are doing it, but hang in there. Listen to your body, if you have to modify something, tell yourself that is totally okay. This is all about you, not everyone around you. You do what YOU can and give it YOUR best. Surround yourself with motivating people, people who will push you and lift you up. Don’t worry the soreness, it will never go away, but it does let you know you are alive! Plus, I’ll mark your time if you pass out. I got you!

You have three awesome kids. I get to see your youngest Addison on a regular basis and her nickname “Fatso” always cracks me up. I want to go on the record stating it’s said with a lot of love. Do your other two kids have nicknames as well?
Hahaha oh my “Fatso!” Yes, we do call her that. 50% of friends love it and 50% are not really sure. Hahaha! Our oldest is Summer, we call her “Tiny” or “Tine.” Our son, Jamason, we call him “Mush,” or “Mushy.” It’s funny, the majority of our friends do not know our kids real names. Until now. Hahaha! Jamo, always says we have three mobsters living at home, “Tiny, Mush and Fatso!” Wouldn’t change these names for the world.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, with whom would it be?
I would trade places with one of my kids. I want to see what they see everyday. I want to know how their day goes. I want to experience what they do so I know what they go through day after day. If we all get to have the glimpse of a child, there would be more innocence in the world. Carefree and laughter. I think if I got the opportunity to do this, I would be able to relate to my kids on another level.