Monday 2.19.2018


Monday 2.19.2018

Brando & Grizz

Strict Press
Find 1 rep max

4 Sets:
30 Seconds max hang dumbbell squat cleans (50s/35s)
30 Seconds rest
30 Seconds max dumbbell push press (50s/35s)
90 Seconds rest

Box Brief:
It’s that time of year again. The Open is upon us! That means for 5-weeks we will over analyze our strategies, diets and workout partners. We may lose sleep and sanity while we stay up refreshing the leaderboard. Hoping this is the year you take down Fraser! To go through something this challenging, you need a support group. What better way than throwing down with some friends at Apollo?
Every Thursday, starting February 22nd, CrossFit HQ will announce an individual workout. Each athlete will have until the following Monday at 5pm to complete the workout and turn in their score to Your individual score will go towards your teams overall total each week. At the end of the 5-week competition, we will crown our new team Champions! Last year our winners were The  Guns & Poses!! Who will take the belt home in 2018?!!
Below are several details about the competition:
Teams of 4

Athletes must be registered for the open to compete

We choose the teams

No one can sign up for a team after February 21st

We finalize the teams on February 22nd before 5pm

Every week we will have fun challenges allowing your team to earn extra points toward their overall score to help give them an edge. These challenges can be anything from doing burpees in the produce section at Smith’s to wearing matching costumes during the workout.

Each team will designate a team captain to track their scores and extra points. The team captain is responsible for ensuring all teammates have completed their workout and extra points have been submitted.

At the end of each week, when all scores are finalized, we will post a new leader board. The team who is ranked the highest after the five weeks, will be awarded our “Apollo Championship Belt”!