Monday 2.3.2020


Monday 2.3.2020


“Saving Grace”
In Teams of 3 (30-minute cut-off)
3 Rounds:

60/50 Calorie row
50 T2B
In Time Remaining:
30 Clean and jerks (95/65)
30 Clean and jerks (115/85)
30 Clean and jerks (135/95)
30 Clean and jerks (155/105)
30 Clean and jerks (185/135)
30 Clean and jerks (205/145)

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Tuesday’s workout calls for squats and burpees.

Quote of the Week:
“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.”
Dennis P. Kimbro

Box Brief:
The Habitap Challenge starts on February 10th and if you’re not excited yet, I’m sure you will be after hearing about the Habit Tracker and Stats page.

Within your online dashboard, you’ll be able to log your progress as you go.

Consistency is critical to lasting success. That’s why the built in Habit Tracker is your most powerful ally during the challenge. You’ll receive daily reminders to log your progress and build momentum through small, daily wins.

Data is everything – and you’ll see it all at a glance.

Numbers are crucial during your health journey – they tell the whole story and leave nothing to chance.

Habitap’s statistics eliminate all guesswork by showing you exactly where you’re strongest and where you’re struggling the most. Visual trends help you identify and track your performance while letting you zero in on where you need to make adjustments.

When registration goes live, use the discount code: apollo2020

For now, check out their website for more details: