Monday 3.26.2018


Monday 3.26.2018

Hugh & Emily

“Sonic Boom”
3 Rounds:
400 Meter run
10 Ring muscle-ups

Box Brief:
Coming off of a very intense 5 weeks of training its time for everyone to catch their breath this week and relax. Programming is meant to be done at a lower intensity with regular training resuming the following week. Starting the first week of April we will begin testing our 1 rep maxes in several lifts and many benchmark workouts. We will repeat many of these benchmarks in September and again next February right before the Open. Use these benchmarks to see where you may be lacking and to measure progress. I know most of us are not trying to compete in the Open on a world wide or even regional level but we can still use it to measure how far we have come. Now is the time to prepare ourselves for next years Open. Let’s train hard and have fun doing it. See you on the leaderboard!