Monday 5.18.2020


Monday 5.18.2020

3 Rounds:

10 Reverse lunges (no weight)
5 Push-ups to down dog
:30 Seconds of jump rope

Spider man lunge stretch (30 seconds each leg)
Wall tricep stretch (30 seconds each side)

“Saved by the Bell”
18 Minute AMRAP:
18 Reverse kettlebell lunges (53/36)
18 Single arm kettlebell push press (9 consecutive each arm)
54 Double unders

Movement Considerations
Reverse Kettlebell Lunges – The lunge is performed with 1 kettlebell in the front rack position. Pick a weight that will allow you to complete all 18 reps in 1-2 sets.
Single Arm Kettlebell Push Press – Complete 9 reps on one arm before transitioning to your other arm. This weight should be light enough to keep most sets of 9 unbroken.
Double Unders – This set should be completed in about 1 minute. Modify the number of reps to remain within that time domain. Double that number and perform singles unders if needed. If you don’t have a jump rope complete 108 toe taps.

Cool Down
Cat Cow Stretch
(Spend 1 minute alternating through each position)
Seated Figure Four Stretch (30 Seconds each leg)
Clasped Hands Extension (30 seconds total)