Monday 7.10.2017


Monday 7.10.2017

David B

Power Snatch
Build to 1 rep max

30 Snatches (135/95)

Box Brief:
Congrats to Craig Johnson for being the July Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Craig.


Congrats Craig. You have been selected to join the prestigious and celebrated group of “Apollo Members of the Month!” Everyone is waiting with baited breath for the inside look on what makes “The Craigster” tick.

From where do you matriculate and what brought you to Sin City?
I’ve never attended college but if you are insinuating what I think you are…
I’m from the mountains of Northern California in a town called Placerville, which is full of history from the gold rush. Honestly what brought me to Vegas is my mom was chasing the wiener, so that’s how I ended up in Vegas. Got to love her!!

You’re a deep-thinking dude. Are there one or 2 things you prefer to contemplate or will any subject do? 
No subject will DO, time is a precious resource. I question myself on everything, is what I’m doing for my highest good and can I or could I have done better. Second, my newest contemplation right now is real estate investing, and how can I utilize my resources to bring my first investment together in the near future.

You’ve just won the lottery. What’s the first ridiculous thing you would buy and the first indulgence you would allow yourself?
Depends on the amount, will say 500 mill. First, I would get an LLC and then buy an Apartment complex, 100 plus units. Indulgence would be a Chevy diesel truck.

You are super friendly with everyone. What do you like most about people?
I like that everyone has a story and experiences to share, and as they’re conveying their story. They just might be someone who can help you achieve your goals and move into a new ascension of your life. Anything is possible.

If someone were to build a statue to memorialize you what would it look like and where would it stand? Perhaps you can suggest an inscription?
It would look like Momica, she does so much for Apollo and I feel like I can speak for everyone that we are all grateful for her. A statue doesn’t do justice because it’s not the Momica we have grown to love. Thanks for everything. Someone just scored brownie points.