Monday 9.17.2018


Monday 9.17.2018


“Criss Cross”
15 Minute AMRAP:
30 Double unders
15 Wall balls (20/14)
30 Double unders
15 SDLHP (95/65)

Box Brief:
Apollo Games registration is closed!! If you didn’t get a chance to sign-up we can still use several volunteers. We couldn’t do this event without the help of some amazing people in our community. If you’re interested or have any questions, let us know. We need to know before the end of this week in order to make sure you get the correct size t-shirt.

Congrats to Brett Rosales for being the September Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Brett.


Your childhood was a little different from most.  You grew up with the circus! What was that like?
For a long time that was kind of hard to answer. I’m a fifth-generation circus performer. I was born and raised traveling on circuses, so it just felt like a normal life to me. I was a juggler and acrobat but focused on juggling because it came naturally to me. My grandpa was an elephant and lion trainer back in the day. My mom did trapeze and rode elephants. On my dad’s side of the family, they were all acrobats. My dad was also a juggler and did the wheel of death. Which is hard to explain so your gonna have to youtube that one.

It’s a heck of a life. We’d travel almost every day. Usually, 2 shows a day for 8-10 months out of the year. I didn’t get to go to formal school much, so I opted with a GED at 16, so I could go to college. I wouldn’t change it though. Instead of reading about some faraway place or landmark; I would get to go and see it. Most circuses hire a teacher to travel with us, so the field trips were always exciting.

The circus usually has around 60-80ish people traveling with it, so you get close to the family that work with you.

You have a lot of unique talents!  I’m blown away everytime you juggle.  What was your favorite skill you’ve learned or maybe your favorite skill to practice?
The first thing that comes to mind is juggling nine rings. Once you get to that number, it gets crazy hard. The height of your throws, the timing between them, the pattern you have to maintain, and how to hold and release each object while maintaining height, timing, pattern, balance, and proprioception is uh… challenging.

Besides juggling high numbers. Juggling clubs (bowling pins) were the most fun and challenging thing to do. The possibilities are endless, because not only did you have to think about all of the above, but also rotation of the clubs. I have some old videos on my Instagram @brett_rosales if you want to check them out #ShamelessPlug.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?  Also, what do you enjoy about this type of training that makes you want to come back for more?
I’ve been doing Crossfit for about seven years. The community is was keeps me hooked. I like pushing myself, and having other people around me going through the struggle as well is motivating. It always makes me push a litter harder. Some of the best relationships I’ve made have been because of Crossfit.

 For example, when I was stationed overseas, Jisela and I had a bit of a culture shock and a hard time connecting with people. Crossfit made it super easy for us to meet and make new friends. Crossfit A14 and Crossfit Mildenhall made our time in England a cherished memory.

When I got orders to Vegas I had a couple of friends from where I was stationed recommend CF Apollo. Best decision ever. Love the Box and people here. I love the atmosphere and its really chill… Even when Monica yells at me lol.

You’re currently in the United States Air Force.  For starters thank you for your service.  What do you do in the military?

Thanks man. I appreciate it. It’s an honor to serve. I’m grateful for the opportunities it has given me.
I work the weapons systems on fighter jets. We make sure that when the pilots do their thing, everything works as advertised. We also load the bombs, missiles and gun system.

Now for some goofy questions.  If you could redesign the food pyramid without any dire health consequences how would it look?

First off, Coffee… is… life… #DeathBeforeDecaf… So that’s priority numero uno.

Ah man in all honesty, I don’t even know. The first thing that pops up is that chocolate mousse cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. Add that somewhere in the pyramid, and I’m all set.

If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dude, I like music, but I would lose it if I had to hear the same song for the rest of my life. I’d probably go with something from Volbeat or like Rooster by Alice in Chains.

If you were a character from Star Wars, which one would you be?
Ah well you know, I’m not a big fan of the films, Sooo I’m gonna go with a generic answer. Han Solo:). He’s cool.