Sunday 5.15.2016


Sunday 5.15.2016

The clock can't save you!

The clock can’t save you!

Box Brief:
Congratulations on making it through another week of our No Sugar Challenge!  I think we’ve really driven the point home on the topic of sugar and it’s harmful effects.  We wanted this to serve as an opportunity to not only educate about sugar but to help develop good nutritional habits.  What I want to warn everyone against is treating this challenge as a “crash diet.” Meaning after your thirty days of due diligence you go back to your normal eating routine.  This is your chance to improve your health and performance and meet whatever goals you’ve set in place.  Should you be able to eat with far less restriction? Absolutely!  But now you have good nutritional guidelines to base your meals off of and you know what’s good and bad.  This week’s article discusses why restrictive diets are a bad idea and how to instead  adopt healthy eating habits.  The article is Restricted Success by Hilary Achauer.

Today’s recipe  is another one of my go-to dishes.  It goes well with almost any vegetable and is very easy to make.  Try out some Curry Satay Beef Skewers and tell me what you think!