Sunday 5.8.2016


Sunday 5.8.2016

That’s a lot of fitness!

Box Brief:
Congratulations to all of our AMAZING Apollo ladies!  And a special shout out to The Sturdy Girls for winning the entire event.

The first week of the No Sugar Challenge is in the books!  I hope everyone has learned as much as I have about sugar and how prevalent it can be in your diet.  We’ve discussed in some detail the harmful physical effects excessive sugar can have on you.  So this week’s article is focusing more on the negative psychological effect sugar is proving to have on our society.  Research is now linking an abundance of sugar to fatigue, anxiety, and depression.  This Sunday’s post is Sweet and Low by Brittany Saline.

 This recipe is a personal favorite of mine.  If you like jalapeno poppers you’re going to love this variation.  Here is the recipe and video for Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers.