Sunday 7.10.2016


Sunday 7.10.2016

5:30 class


Box Brief:
Are you guys ready for this Sunday’s article?!  This week’s topic is about muscle cramps.  We’ve all had cramps and most likely tried to alleviate this condition through hydration.  Contrary to popular belief hydration does not help relieve the onset of cramps.  Drinking and excess of water or your favorite sports drink is being proven to actually worsen the symptoms.  What researchers are discovering is that low blood-sodium levels in your body are the culprit.  Today’s article titled “Brain Cramps?” will help dispel some of the common myths associated with muscle cramps and dehydration.

I’ve been looking for something different for my breakfast since starting my macro prescription.  Nick Massie has a Chorizo Plantain Breakfast Pie that will be perfect for meal prepping.  I’ll be making it tonight, hope you guys enjoy!