Thursday 11.7.2019


Thursday 11.7.2019


“Goat Day”
20 Minute EMOM:
Odd Minutes – Goat 1
Even Minutes – Goat 2

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Friday’s workout calls for the CrossFit Open.

Box Brief:
Congrats to Rocco for being the November Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Rocco.


To one of the coolest people I know, ROCCO!  Thanks for agreeing to be our member of the month and allowing us this insight into the depths of your soul.  😊  Let’s do this!

You’ve had a very interesting career.  Being top dog in the gang unit at CCDC (Clark County Detention Center) you’ve seen some crazy stuff.  Can you think of an experience while in that environment you found inspirational or surprisingly uplifting?
The clientele that my team dealt with lent themselves to extreme negativity, so I’ll focus on my team who absolutely were the best at what they did and how they did it. They inspired me every day for the time that I was with them, to be the best leader I could be. Their passion for providing a safe environment, not only there but for the community was second to none. I respect all my “g-hunters” for what they had to endure on a near daily basis for the time we were together. Much love!

Tell us about your new job since retiring from the CCDC.  Nothing that will require us to be ‘eliminated’ afterwards though. What are you really digging about it?
My new gig as a contractor isn’t really a job; it is a hobby. I am so passionate about making sure no stones are un-turned relating to finding the worst of the worst, who are out there running amok. Don’t tell my bosses, but I would do this work for free… 

Anyone who knows you knows your daughters are your whole world.  How do you think your line of work affected your parenting?  You obviously did a great job cause your girls are awesome.
As a parent, I really didn’t think I was doing enough, but they seem to be productive citizens. I wanted them to understand the consequences for their actions. I think I was hard but fair and I always made sure they were loved beyond anything else. I wanted to parent them unlike my upbringing and here we are, two doing the nursing program at UNLV and one who someday will walk in my Metro shoes.

You’re a rocker and a disco dancer.  What else do you like to do for fun Roc?
Disco? I picture myself in a leisure suit from the 70’s… So, I am currently learning how to DJ. I enjoy listening to mixed music, which I will say the music selections by fellow Apolloites have filled my music library. Thank you for the wide variety of tunes.

You’re one of Apollos longest members.  Do you see any difference from back in the day?  What motivates you to keep doing CrossFit?
More fit people, young and senior coming in and sticking with the program. I started CF so I would have the aerobic and anaerobic capacity to endure a hostile encounter with the above-mentioned clientele. Nowadays, I’m trying to outlive my mother, who passed away at the age of 56. I’m nearing that age, and CF is definitely keeping me spry despite the aches, pains and immobility that I possess. Someday, I’ll get my elbows up in a front rack, damn it!

Okay.  A couple of fun ones.

What does the perfect retirement look like to you?
A five month world cruise with Leigh (wifey)! Las Vegas Raiders on football season Sundays, and drinking adult beverages with my adult daughters at the games. As long as the stuff that I do now is a hobby, I’m good with that also. When it becomes a job, I’m sleeping in past 9:30 AM every morning and watching reruns of 90 Day Fiance while I’m at home permanently. Oh, and attending 6:30 PM CrossFit Apollo class. 

If you could hang out with anyone living or dead who would it be and what would you be doing?
Next to my daughters, I love hanging out with my wifey. Just sitting on the couch, looking forward to her retirement so we can drive each other crazy on a full-time basis.