Thursday 7.11.2019


Thursday 7.11.2019

Courtney & Whitney

“Water Break”
18 Minute AMRAP:
teams of 2
80 Box jumps
65 Push-ups
50 SDLHP (75/55)
35 Strict pull-ups
Teams will split the work with one athlete working at a time. Athletes must run 3, 10-meter shuttles every time they switch.

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Friday’s workout calls for double unders, burpees, and overhead squats.

Box Brief:
This month we are hosting a movie night and pot luck at Apollo. Many of our closest friends are from here so we figured why not have an event where we can all hang out and perhaps meet a few more cool people from other classes.

Date – Saturday, July 20th
Time – 6:30pm
Location – Apollo (duh)
Movie – Not sure yet
Food – Potluck

This is an adult only event. So please get a babysitter and leave your kids at home. As much as we love them, it’s nice to have a night where we can all enjoy each other without chasing kids around.

Who loves prizes?! I do! We will be asking anyone attending to bring either an appetizer, main dish or dessert. Everyone will vote on their favorite in each category and prizes will be awarded to the top dishes.