Tuesday 10.10.2017


Tuesday 10.10.2017


Find 1 rep max

“Acid Reflux”
10 Minute EMOM:

Minute 1 – 10 Thrusters @60% of today’s 1 rep max
Minute 2 – 10 Strict pull-ups

Box Brief:
Congrats to Brooke Wagner for being the October Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Brooke.


You are an insta-celebrity now you’ve become Apollo’s October Member of the Month. How do you feel?
I feel overwhelmed with honor knowing that I was nominated for October’s member of the month. I am not used to being in the spotlight but after seeing the envy in other member’s eyes I realize that I kind of like it.

There was an aggressive campaign run for the honor this month. Have you received any threats since beating out the other candidates? Are you afraid for your life?
I have not received any threats, but I do have to watch around every corner on my way in and out of the building. There is definite tension when this Parker guy is at the gym. He has been showing up more often when I’m there and trying to look inconspicuous by doing things like walking his bike through the gym. He also wore a zip up hoodie with no shirt the other day. I think he is campaigning for Mr. November now.

Your parents are pretty cool people. What’s it like working out with them every day? Do they boss you around? Would you listen if they did? They’ve been coming to Apollo for a while. How did they finally get you to come in?
My parents think they are pretty cool people but I will not confirm that as it will give them a large ego. When I first started I liked going to CrossFit with my parents because they were familiar faces and new the way around pretty well. I wouldn’t say they boss me around but they explain the workouts a little and how the scoring works. Things like that. I do listen to them but I still verify with one of the coaches as well. (They are usually right 🙄). My mom had been talking to me for a while about joining, but my college and work schedule didn’t allow me too. I started a new job in January which allowed me the time to commit so here I am.

What has been your favorite thing since joining Apollo?
My favorite thing about CrossFit Apollo has been the confidence building, new friendships, the family atmosphere, the encouragement and the camaraderie. Everyday other members are cheering me on or telling me you’ve got this Brooke. You can do this! It gives you the energy to finish those last few reps. Everyday I leave thinking, Wow, I just finished that workout. It builds confidence in everyday life as well. At times during the day when you feel like you just can’t complete a task or it is to challenging, the Apollo voices in my head say you CAN do this. Pace yourself and keep going.

What surprised you most about CrossFit since you’ve started?
I am most surprised about how fun working out can be. This is completely different than any other gym workout I’ve done. It is different every day and always challenging. You never have time to look at the clock to see how many more minutes are left and I honestly never think about the time in that way anymore. Now it is more of how many more reps can I do before the clock runs out. Another thing I am surprised about is the information that is given to us daily as far as technique, strategy and stretching. The coaches here are amazing.

You’re working in the Real Estate industry now. Is that where you see yourself in the future? What do you want to be when you grow up? 😊
I haven’t decided what I want to do when I grow up yet. I’m going to college for finance, but thinking about getting my real estate license and seeing where that takes me.

One sentence to describe who you are and who you want to be.
I am opinionated, fun, outgoing, and a drunk conversationalist. IF I wanted to be someone besides myself it would have to be Batman. He’s the one superhero who is totally self-made.. he created himself from scratch.. he saw something wrong with the world and decided not to just stand by and watch.