Tuesday 3.9.2021


Tuesday 3.9.2021

“Players Choice”
1RM Squat

Back Squat
Front Squat
Overhead Squat

Gymnastic Test
Max Muscle-ups
Max Pull-ups
Max Strict HSPU

Conditioning Test
500 Meter Row
50 Calorie Bike
400 Meter Run

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Run – Sit-ups – Push-ups – Pull-ups

Box Brief:
Congrats to Shelby for being the March Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Shelby.


Congratulations on becoming March’s Member of the Month! You’ve been at the gym for years, and we’re so excited to highlight your awesomeness. Is there anything you would like to say to the Apollo community?
Thanks so much! I was definitely shocked when you asked, but it feels pretty cool haha! I’ve been at Apollo almost 4 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how great the community is at banding together and supporting each other. You know so many people will just have your back no matter what and that is rare and so awesome. 

As one of our wonderful teachers at the gym, we just wanted to thank you for helping our youth during a very challenging year. Did anything surprise you about working/teaching from home?
It has 100% been the most unique school year I’ve experienced. It’s hard not seeing the kids and getting to know them better (I still don’t know what some of them really look like!) and so many of them struggled at first. But I am so proud of them for persevering and learning so many new skills that they will continue to use in their lives. Plus, teaching online is something I’ve been wanting to try for the last few years, so it was really nice to get a test that out this year. There have also been other perks like unlimited food and supplies, no line for the bathroom, and no commute!  

A little bird told us you tried a lot of different sports growing up. What were some of your more interesting athletic endeavors? 
I tried sooo many sports growing up! Some lasted longer than others haha! My sisters and I always did gymnastics and dance, but I ventured out with a few other things, too like volleyball, softball, pole vaulting, cheerleading, and fencing! 

Congratulations on getting married last year! What folks may not know, is that camels were involved. What can you tell us about this very unique ceremony?
Thank you! So we got engaged December 2019 and, originally, my husband and I wanted to do a small, destination wedding.  When we really started planning, we quickly realized that we would not be able to do that due to Covid. We began looking for venues closer to home instead that felt more “us” and unique. One day I stumbled across the Camel Safari near Mesquite so I reached out and asked if they did events like weddings and they said yes. So our wedding basically took place in the middle of the desert where we got to take pictures with camels, get married in front of a Mongolian ger (yurt), and have lots of other wildlife around while we celebrated. It was a really cool experience! I did ask if I could ride a camel down the aisle, but they told me there were too many people and it might get scared haha! 

We’re not sure how many people at Apollo know you’re Courtney and Whitney’s sister. What was it like growing up with twins? Any funny stories?
Yes, my whole life it’s always been, “Oh you’re the twins’ sister” haha! Growing up as the only other sibling of a twin is not as cool as it sounds, because they basically just gang up on you all the time. They were always trying to trick me and tell me things like they found a cave in the backyard or they’d blame stuff on me so they wouldn’t get in trouble. But to this day, people still consult me when they need to discreetly try to tell them apart. 

We never get tired of asking this question. If you got to program your perfect workout, what would it be?
This is such a fun, yet difficult question! I wouldn’t say I’m the best at any one movement, so I’d have to just include ones I like most! It’d be something along the lines of:
1 rep max deadlift and 1 rep max bench 
Then some combination of deadlift, bench press, slam balls, and sit-ups. Maybe a 21-15-9 style of all those movements. 

What is a little known fact most people at the gym wouldn’t know about you?
I don’t feel like I have any crazy cool facts, but I did go to 23 countries (if I counted correctly) in the span of about five years. And because it always comes up, I don’t have one favorite, but some of my top ones were Morocco and Belize. 

If you could be in any movie, what would it be?

Easy. I’d have to go with my favorite movie, The Princess Bride. It’s the perfect combination of humor and action.