Tuesday 4.23.2019


Tuesday 4.23.2019


“Benjamin’s Revenge”
15 Minute AMRAP:
teams of 3
Partner A
Bike / Row for max calories
Partners B & C
100 C2B pull-ups
100 HSPU
100 T2B
100 Meter handstand walk
Two athletes go through the chipper with only one person working at a time. The third teammate bikes/rows for max calories. Teammates may rotate however they like.

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Wednesday’s workout calls for deadlifts.

Box Brief:
This Thursday is Bring a Friend Day!

This Saturday we have several teams competing at Fast Times At West Tech High. We hope to see as many people from Apollo as possible to show support for our athletes. We will bring our tent, a cooler full of drinks and a BBQ to feed your faces. Lets show everyone what our Apollo Community is all about! For more information, check out the West Tech Event Facebook Page