Wednesday 1.13.2021


Wednesday 1.13.2021

Push Jerk
Build to a heavy set of 2

“Two to Tango”
20 Minute EMOM:
teams of 2
Partner A – 1 Minute Row for Calories
Partner B – 6 Heavy Jerks

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Thursday’s workout calls for running, box jumps and lunges.

Box Brief:
Congrats to Matt for being the January Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Matt.

Matt B

Over the past several years I’ve had the pleasure to get to know you and you’re family very well. It’s about time everyone else does! Congrats on being our January Member of the Month!
This is quite an honor, Chad. My wife saw the notification that I was being considered as the member of the month for January and she was thrilled. She called my parents, she called her parents. We told our neighbors. This is an excellent honor. It took me more than five years to earn this honor. I have reached the mountain top. I am complete. Especially when you consider that you gave me the entire month of January. That is a 31-day month, which is huge. Also – and I am not 100 percent sure on this fact, but that also places me as the first person people see when they get their CrossFit Apollo calendar for the year. I know you will grace the cover, again, but being January’s photo is reward enough.

You are truly a unique and wonderful person. We have to know more about your childhood. What were your interests as a young kid and did you have a label (jock, nerd, class clown) in high school? 
Sadly, nothing much has changed. In high school I was voted most likely to be a class clown. As you know more than anyone, that is still the case.

You and your wife Holly are a great couple that I admire very much. How’d you two meet and what’s one piece of advice to maintain a healthy marriage?
Holly is kind, caring and loyal. She has such a positive outlook on life. No matter the situation, I know that she is looking out for me and cares about me deeply. I understand how fortunate I am to live life with her. It is truly more than I deserve, but I feel extremely fortunate to have found her and made such an amazing life with her.

You’ve been coming to Apollo for several years now and have always had such pride in our community. What brought you in and keeps you coming back?
I have such a deep respect for you and your entire team who run CrossFit Apollo. My wife is a member, my daughters both attend the Teen class. In fact, every single person in my family has been a member of CrossFit Apollo. I have attended daily, for nearly six years. In those six years, not once has there been a day where the class has not be truly excellent. The workouts are always superb, well thought out and provide options for every member. The community that you foster is second to none. I always feel like I am home, with family members, when I attend. What you have created, maintained and built is rare today, especially in Las Vegas. You have established a family environment, that is focused on helping all of its members achieve greatness. Apollo is unmatched in this industry, community and country. There is nothing that I would not do for CrossFit Apollo.

Golden Knights or Raiders? Choose wisely.
Great question. That depends. Are we sitting at the game together, watching as an overly inebriated woman paws at your bicep? If so, I would be obligated to select the Knights on every occasion. If I rule us out of the equation, and there are no middle aged women rubbing their hands through your hair, I would have to go the other way and give the nod to the Raiders. You are right, this is a very difficult question to answer.

If you were to create a workout, what would it be?
If I could create a workout, I would love to incorporate a football or kickball into the equation. For example, if we could move the workout outside, at the park, I would enjoy a workout where an individual runs a ten pas pattern, turns around, catches the football and then does three quick deadlifts. This would repeat every ten yards until you worked your way down a 100 yard football field. If you dropped a ball, you would add in ten pushups as a penalty, prior to the deadlifts. Same thing with a kickball game. Kick the ball, run to first base, three deadlifts. If you made an out, at your time at bat, you would then receive a ten pushup penalty. I love pushup penalties. Either workout would end with a mandate to eat a waffle cooked by Josh Haldeman. Just remember to tell Josh that his waffles are delicious. We know what happens if we forget to compliment him or his families cooking.

Michael Jordan has “Mikes Secret Stuff”. Benny the Jet has his PF Flyers. What does Matt Brimhall need to get in the zone whether it’s at work or the gym?
It would have to be a Red Bull, yellow-summer edition. Oh, yeah. I am feeling better already just thinking about drinking one.

Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or the most liked?
I feel like this must be a trick question. Aren’t I always the smartest and most liked person in the room. KABOOM! What an excellent answer to end on…..Also, doesn’t this award come with a free parking spot for the month and the use of a new car. Just let me know where I go to pick up the keys and I’ll meet you there. Also, will there be any restrictions on the banquet that will be held for this honor? And yes, prime rib is perfect.