Wednesday 12.5.2018


Wednesday 12.5.2018


10 – 10 – 10 – 10

5 Rounds:
12 Seconds Russian Twists (all out!)
48 Seconds Sit-ups (slow)

Box Brief:
It’s the holiday season again and the Angel Tree is back!  Every year Apollo finds a few families in our area who are struggling. We pool our efforts to bring a little Christmas cheer to their homes. Everyone on our list this year is having a difficult time one way or another but all struggle financially and would be very grateful for your kindness. Since these are children within the same family it would be a good idea to keep the monetary value similar. It would be a bummer for one child to get $100s worth of stuff and another to get a $10 item. Lets keep the children’s gifts between $20 & $30. If you want to help take a tag, write your name in the appropriate spot on the list, buy a present or gift card, wrap it and tape the tag to the outside of the wrapped package. Thank you all so much for helping to bring a little sunshine to those less fortunate than we may be.