Wednesday 5.20.2020


Wednesday 5.20.2020

3 Rounds:
:30 Second plank
10 Sit-ups
10 Air squats

5 Rounds: not for time
Max L-sit
Max push-ups
30 Jumping air squats

Movement Considerations
L-sit – This movement will be performed from a seated position. You will lift your legs up and have your hands in front of you hips. See video. The goal is to hold for around 30 seconds. Modify by leaning your torso back to remain close to that time domain.
Push-ups – The goal is to get around 10-20+ repetitions. Modify by either going to your knees OR pushing from an elevated surface. See video.
Jumping air squats – If you’re dealing with an injury then modify to a traditional air squat.

Cool Down
Kneeling hip flexor stretch (30 seconds each leg)
Prone chest stretch (30 seconds each side)
Playboy stretch (30 seconds each side)