Wednesday 9.4.2019


Wednesday 9.4.2019


Bench Press
5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

“Walk In the Park”
10 Minute AMRAP:
10 Push-ups
15 Sit-ups

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Thursday’s workout calls for running and rowing.

Box Brief:
The weightlifting clinic is Saturday at 11 am with Coach Ricky. There are only 12 spots available so sign up fast! The cost is $20 (paid to Ricky).

Congrats to Edwin Rubio for being the September Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Edwin.


Congrats on being the September Member of the Month! It is well deserved my friend. You’re a great person with a magnetic smile. Are you ready for the fame that’s about to ensue, once this interview goes viral?
Thank you so much for even considering me as a candidate. Every single member crushes it by walking through the doors and doing something really challenging at Apollo. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an incredible community, truly. I’ve met some of the best people I know at Apollo. This place is like no other; incredibly welcoming, supportive, humble, challenging, and gritty, to name a few. Everyone just wants to see each other rise and become better. However, with all the fame that will come with this great honor I’ll probably get a date, which means I’ll have to wash my car.

You have some serious dedication. Almost every day you stick around to do extra work after class. What’s your greatest achievement at Apollo and what motivates you to keep working so hard?
Wow! I appreciate you saying that. But I have to say, I can’t take credit for having dedication. I simply love going to Apollo to grind. It’s my favorite time of the day. What I need dedication for is all the other things I hate doing like cleaning, cooking, yard work, and washing my car. I would definitely say that my greatest achievement at Apollo is finally accepting the fact whatever challenge I might be facing must be met head on and aggressively. Crossfit is not easy, and I’ve had to work hard on movements that I hated to get better at and now love, like the snatch and clean. Handstand push ups are on my list to work on, next. So, not to ramble on but I’ve been able to apply this lesson to all other aspects of my life. What keeps me motivated? I love the process of working toward a goal and seeing the pay off. But the process is where it’s at, it’s all about the process. The PRs only last a moment. I also love being around other like-minded people working hard to get better. Watching other people grind and put there heart and soul into whatever goal they are pursuing greatly motivates me. I’ve gotten to know some of the members-who are now my friends-pretty well, and some have shared stories with me of trials that they’ve overcome. It’s humbling and motivating to be around people like that. But also, I’ve never experienced such selfless competition, in which everyone works so hard to win and yet celebrates, helps, and yearns for others to also win.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? Don’t hold back!
Where do I begin? Recently we did the WOD “Cardi B.” I remember dying on the fifth round of twenty cals on the bike and Chad Pool watching me with an ugly-cry-face, and no dignity whatsoever, whimpering “come on” at the calorie counter. It wasn’t one of my best moments. Something else that’s a little embarrassing is that I listen to film scores…correction, I LOVE listening to film scores. That latter alone should suffice. Thanks Chad! “Don’t hold back…”

Describe your absolute perfect day.
Instantly, this question made me think of a trip my family goes on every few years. There’s a place in southern Idaho called Birch Creek, near Oakley, that we go to for about 4 days. Everyone goes-the grandparents, grown up siblings, all the kids, aunts and uncles, cousins, and even the dogs. It’s beautiful up there. It’s still a desert but there’s a lot more green with hints of yellow on big, soft, rolling hills as far as you can see. You’d think nothing else exists. And it’s so easy to be in the present and in the moment and forget about the past and not worry about the future. There’s a cabin with and old iron wood-burning stove that heats it and to cook with. Outside there’s a well with a hand pump to get water and there’s an outhouse too. There’s never a negative thought that comes to mind. Everyone works for one another and cares for one another. No one argues and even the dogs get along. And it’s so much fun! We run a two mile race every time we’re up there. We cook and eat together, pray together, go shooting together, go four wheeling together, and at night we sit by the fire and talk about anything before we go to bed. At night when we put the fire out you realize you never knew how many stars were up there. I’ve never been happier than when I’ve been at Birch Creek with my amazing family. I imagine it to be a glimpse of what it’s like in Heaven.

Would you rather have, more time or more money? Why?
That’s easy! Time. Money is important in life, but it can be replaced if lost. Time, however, in my opinion, is priceless because it’s the one thing that cannot be replaced. When it’s gone, it’s gone. And with enough time you can do anything, including getting rich. Why do you think so many vampires are rich?

You can only pick one of the following skills to be exceptional at but you’d be terrible at the other two. Which one do you pick: great singer, dancer or musician?
Let’s look at this question rationally. I’m pretty sure lead singers get way more dates than dancers or musicians. And I’m also pretty sure that when I’m no longer able to dance or play an instrument in my old age I’ll still be able to sing…hence, still able to get dates. I’m thinking long term here. So, great singer it is.