Rest Day- Meal of the Week

Spicy Scallop Salad- Courtesy of PaleoDietLifestyle.com

 For the full recipe go to link- http://paleodietlifestyle.com/spicy-scallop-salad/

Congrats to all that competed yesterday at the Vegas Fit war. Great job to Shanon, Dennis, Elizabeth, Dylan and Chad! Thanks to everyone coming to support our athletes. Lets show them what we are made of next year!

Great first week of business at the box! Many people came and tried it out and we had a blast! Membership starts this coming Monday. Hope to see you there!

All Monday, Wednesday and Friday Classes starting Monday, for the next TWO weeks, will be foundations classes to get everyone started on the right track. Don’t worry, you can still come to anyone of our CrossFit classes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for a great workout even if you have not completed foundations.

CrossFit Las Vegas