Team Saturday-Card Game

If you came today you probably had a good time. I know I did. The card game was a lot of fun and the sled at the end wasn’t too bad (we will add more weight next time;). It was good to see Frank, Kim, Stacy, Steven, Elizabeth, Tiffany, Rob, Sandy¬†and Zoey. You all killed it. Come by anytime next week.

Now that Ragnar is done a few of our athletes will be back in action. Trey, Lyndsay, Kim and Ashley better be ready to “Get It!” on Monday.

Rest Day tomorrow but be ready for the “Meal of the Week” tomorrow on our blog. Should be berry good!

Nutrition!!! Think about it guys. You will not reach your goals without it! Check out the information we give you on the site and really dive into it!!!

Next Saturday will be a team workout. It should be fun so everyone try and make it. Best of all it is free for anyone that wants to check out a class. So invite your friends.

CrossFit Las Vegas