“Lurong Capacity Test”

  • 4 Minutes of Max Effort Rowing for Calories
    *1 Minute Rest

  • 3 Minutes of Max Effort C2B Pull Ups
    *1 Minute Rest

  • 2 Minutes of Max Effort Back Squats (165/115)
    *1 Minute Rest

  • 1 Minute of Max Effort Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
    ***Yes this is a repeat from about 6 weeks ago. Let’s see how much you’ve improved in such a short time.

    Today our morning classes will run on schedule but we only have one night class at 4PM
    Tomorrow will be our annual Halloween WOD at 11:30am. Wear your Halloween costume and be ready to sweat. This will be our only class of the day.

    Saturday night at 8 will be our annual Halloween costume party. We will have a flyer at the front desk with the address later in the week. See you there!!