For Time:

  • 1000 Meter Row
  • 50 Thrusters (45/35lbs)
  • 30 Pull ups

“This isn’t curves!”

-Dennis Cole

Tonight at 8:30 we are watching “Rocky” at the gym. Invite whoever. No little kids please.. There will be popcorn so bring your own blankets and lets have a good time!

CrossFit Las Vegas

1 Response

  1. When you’re in the 5:30am crew, sometimes you don’t see the CFM wbeiste until late(r) in the day. I didn’t find out the Jason & Brian video had been linked to the WOD. Holy Moly we were TERRIBLE (me much more so than Jason). but we always get to choose whether the glass is half full or half empty, and I’m down with half-full.Watching the video a tragedy of poor form on my part (my rower handle is doing its best Magellan impersonation and circumnavigating my knees on each pass; my elbows lock out on maybe 1/10 of my thrusters and my pull-ups are horribly inefficient) my first thought was Geez. That’s pretty embarrassing. My second? Well what would you expect without any coaching? and my third, I’m so happy I get to coach the amazing athletes at CFM so that they don’t ever have to waste time like that and I want to be a part of them improving as efficiently as possible for as long as I get to coach em. That video was me after almost TWO YEARS of CrossFit but without any coaching. Coaching matters. A ton.When I watch that video, I see nearly two years of wasted energy and effort. Yeah, I was certainly better after two years than I was when I started but if I’d had someone with the knowledge and attention that Anthony or Jen or Scott or Jason or Carrie or Eddie or Matt or Chris bring to each and every one of our classes well WHOA NELLY I might have times only 25% slower than Anthony’s today (instead of 50% slower). Seriously though, it’s not about time. Time is simply a measure. It’s about efficient movement efficient movement is how we increase work capacity and decrease time. That video is a case study in inefficiency. At the end of the day, is CrossFit cheap ? By most counts, nope, it’s not cheap but you absolutely get what you pay for and what you’re paying for is an investment in yourself in learning to maximize the utility of the one body you’ve been given.I keep running into more folks (on Facebook or Twitter or the like) who are now CrossFitting at places that aren’t CFM (sometimes there are even alleged CrossFit sessions happening at globo gyms in the area). But it’s like I always tell our athletes about nutrition nutrition is so important because, if you’re going to work as hard as we do, you want to get 100% of your effort back out in outcomes if your diet is only half right, you’re only getting back 50% on your investment, you’ll be outperformed by folks working half as hard but who have their diets dialed in. The same thing applies to coaching. You can certainly CrossFit on your own but don’t you want to maximize your return..?I’m half the athlete I should be today because I never had a good team of coaches until I joined CFM. While I’m geeked up about now being a part of a community that wants me to be better, that won’t blow sunshine up my skirt about how my performances really are, or about how solid my technique really is watching that video I still can’t believe how little progress I had actually made (relative to the effort I was putting out) before I joined CFM.I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the coaches, NOTHING makes us happier than watching each of you unlock your potential and that excitement makes us all, daily, want to be the best coaches we can for you.( oh, and btw, I cut 2 mins off my Jackie time today. Coaching matters.)Cheers.