February 16th, 2012

For Time:

  • 40- Calories Row
  • 40-Hand Release Push Ups
  • 40-SDLHP (54/36)
  • 40-Wall Ball (20/14)
  • 40-KBS (54/36)
  • 40-Box Jumps (24/20)

Paleo Explained Seriously check this out:)

Our plan for the 2012 CrossFit Open is to host the WOD every Saturday, at 11am, for the duration of the competition. Our SealWOD will be cancelled. We expect everyone to make it in here starting Saturday February 25th, to support all of our athletes. After the WOD, each week, we will have a Potluck BBQ with us supplying the main dish. Everyone is welcome to compete. There will be a prize for the top male and female competitors at the end of the 5 weeks (scaled athletes included). So be ready to have fun!! Bring the right attitude and some food so we can all eat:) See you there.

**Drop in fees are just $10/t-shirt to join the fun**

To sign up for the Open competition follow link: https://games.crossfit.com/mygames/

1 Response

  1. Thanks you too Laura nice work Got a little too gedery on my CGBP today 135/185/225/ then my inner meathead took control & I went for 265lbs (15lb PR) Sean had to help me out of the hole so no rep mental note 255lbs has to be hit before 265 dumb a$$ DL another visit from the fail whale 225/275/315/365 385 hit it last week bailed on it this week just wasn’t moving 165lbs on the 12 rep sets CGBP 66%205/225/225 on the DLs felt great See y’all tomorrow hopefully I’m back to normal ugh –