February 26th, 2015 

A) 1-1-1-1-1—Muscle Snatch

B) 1-1-1-1-1—Power Snatch

C) 1-1-1-1-1—Squat Snatch

What is CrossFit?  We explored this topic recently in class.  I wanted to explain how CrossFit is a broad, general,and inclusive program that would best prepare us for any physical task in life. I even prepared a little object lesson with ping-pong balls to involve the class in the “hopper” module. We had a good time picking different skills and drills out of a bag and we even learned a thing or two about CrossFit.  Then I observed Kelly’s class.


Kelly asked, “what is CrossFit to you?” and not a single person said it was “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at a high intensity.”  Instead, they responded that “CrossFit is a place to make friends and be social,” and it was “time to spend with the wife.”  Otherssaid it was a stress reliever and a way to fill their competitive spirit.  One of my favorite answers was, “as a cop I want to be confident in a fight with a guy bigger than me.” Most everyone agreed that without their friends keeping them accountable, they would lose motivation to stay fit. 


In true form, almost the whole group was still around,thirty minutes following the end of class, either talking or helping each other with muscle up progressions.  This was after a grueling twenty minute workout involving thrusters and running.  You would think everyone would have had enough for the day and want to go homeNot at Apollo.


The WOD is not what makes CrossFit.  It is not the hours we spend on perfecting our double unders or the time spent under the barbell to increase our back squat.  It iYOU and I; the community.  That is what makes us great, what lifts us up when we have a bad day, what motivates us when we feel tired, and what pushes us to achieve goals that we once thought were impossible.  Do you see?  CrossFit is not just a fitness program. We are CrossFit!






The Open We will be hosting the Open this Saturday. Check in is at 9:45am. The first heat will start at 10:00am. If you plan on competing then you need to be checked in before 10:00am. We will also be open this Sunday from 9-11am for anyone that couldn’t make it on Saturday. Anyone from any gym is welcome to come join us in the fun. Sign up for the Open at Games.CrossFit.com