March 14th, 2012

3-6-9-12-15-Thrusters (115/85)

10-20-30-40-50- Double Unders

Our plan for the 2012 CrossFit Open is to host the WOD every Saturday, at 11am, for the duration of the competition. Our SealWOD will be cancelled. We expect everyone to make it in here starting Saturday February 25th, to support all of our athletes. After the WOD, each week, we will have a Potluck BBQ with us supplying the main dish. Everyone is welcome to compete. There will be a prize for the top male and female competitors at the end of the 5 weeks (scaled athletes included). So be ready to have fun!! Bring the right attitude and some food so we can all eat:) See you there.

**Drop in fees for non-members are just $10, or you can buy a t-shirt to join the fun**

1 Response

  1. I reserve the right to onmmect extensively on this WOD. First, F this WOD! That’s first. Second, it looks bad, and it is. I just want to put something out there (just because I paid my damn dues on this thing, not because I am trying to discourage) The squat clean weight is 100/155, possibly even 105/155. This will make you want to die right from the start. Women’s Rx is 25lb dumbells for push presses. Do the full range of motion, too. Squat cleans below parallel (but really below parallel). Extend hips fully on the box jumps. Both toes have to touch the bar on the toe-to-bars, or it won’t count. Elbows have to fully straighten at the bottom of the muscle up each time, and if you don’t fully lock out at the top you have to start over. Believe me, this will change your muscle ups. All other full ROM specifics apply. Oh, and if you really want to re-create this thing, do 100 overhead walking lunges instead of 30, for a total of about 300 feet. Why do I care? Because I did this damned thing while delirious after too many other WODs, I am happy to refer to this WOD in the past tense. Mostly, though, I learned that there is a great difference between a half range movement and a full range movement. I recall my judge taking away any rep that was not legit. It makes a difference! The difference is the toll it takes on you to do full range of motion and the quality of your movements. Even if you are modifying parts of the WOD, do those modifications to full range. It takes WAY more time, energy, and control to do a full squat once than 3 half squats. It better for you in the long run, and it is a higher quality movement overall. And then your judge won’t take away any reps Thats’s my 2 cents. And tomorrow is my rest day. Yes!