May 9th, 2012

15-12-9-6-3—Power Clean (155/105)

30-24-18-12-6-Ring Dips

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  1. Jack and I are on the Zone. We have played aruond with being on the zone before but have only done so seriously (not cheating) for one week now. I already feel and see results. I definitely feel much better alert, less sluggish, energized, etc. on the Zone. A few of us have been using the blog Bull City Crossfitters which you have a link to on your page (thank you) to ask each other zone questions. I don’t know what your website capabilities are but it might be nice if we could send in zone recipes and there could be a recipe section on CrossFit Durham’s website that members could browse for zone recipes. Maybe if members have zone books they can part with we could have a lending library at CrossFit Durham. Maybe members could post reviews of restaurants in Durham that are zone friendly that would be really helpful. Just a few thoughts, I’ll try to think of more.