June 12th, 2013

A) 4 Rounds: Warm Up

  • 10-Skull Squats @ 3111 (see below for details)
  • 5-Pull Ups @ 2112 (see below for details) (band assistance, recommended)
  • 30 Seconds Side Plank (each side)
  • Rest 1 Minute

**Above is what’s called “Tempo Training”. Tempo refers to the speed of movement. There are many reasons for it but my main concern for today’s Warm Up WOD is to create good habits in our squat and strength in our pull ups. Below is how to break down “Tempo Training”.

  • First Number = How long the lowering phase of the lifts should take. For example: With the Skull Squats above you will descend at a three second pace before reaching the bottom of the squat. 
  • Second Number = How long you will pause at the bottom of the movement. For example: With the Skull Squats above, once you have reached the bottom of the squat you will pause there for 1 second.
  • Third Number = How long the ascending phase of the lifts should take. For example: With the Skull Squats above, you will stand up at a one second pace before reaching a locked out position.
  • Fourth Number = How long the top position is held in the lift. For example: With the Skull Squats above, you will remain locked out at the top of the squat for one second.

Skull Squat @ 3111 = Your descent should take 3 seconds, your pause at the bottom should last 1 second, your ascent should take 1 second and you should be standing all the way up for 1 second.

Pull Ups @ 2112 = Your descent from the top of the bar should take 2 seconds, the pause at a full hang should last 1 second, your pull ups should take 1 second, holding your chin over the bar should last 2 seconds.

B) 12 Minute AMRAP:

  • 5-OHS (115/85)
  • 10-SDLHP (115/85)
  • 15-Lateral Jumps (two jumps over bar=1 rep)

CrossFit Kids starts this week! Monday, Wednesday, Friday we will have our Tigers Class (ages 6-12) at 3:15. Tuesday, Thursday we will have Cubs Class (ages 3-5) at 3:15. Courtney will stick around and entertain your children if you’d like to workout in the 4:00 class. Remember June is a trial month so bring your kids and introduce them to CrossFit! If you have any questions email Courtney at [email protected].