June 25th, 2014
3 Rounds:

  • 50-Double Unders
  • 15-Box Jumps (24/20)
  • 10-Front Squats (185/135)

    Meet Our Yoga Instructor: Lauren Verona

    Lauren encourages her students to develop an asana practice which
    works on the mind/body connection, while honoring personal
    modifications and mindfulness. Her teaching is deeply grounded in the
    guiding principles of the yoga discipline, which incorporates a
    powerful sequence of asanas, breath and meditation.Lauren has taken
    all her various teachers’ knowledge and creates a way of guiding her
    students that resonates with her own personality. She approaches her
    students with a sense of humor, humbleness and honesty. During her
    classes, she emphasizes attention to each individual’s practice and
    utilizes manual adjustment techniques to assist students in deepening
    their awareness in each posture. Her style of teaching compassionately
    strives to inspire and impart wisdom allowing a student to see their
    true potential. Lauren tries to assist her students in finding a
    deeper connection to our True Selves and can be used as a platform for
    personal growth. These teachings serve as an invaluable tool for
    students to deepen their personal yoga practice. She is registered
    through Yoga Alliance and has completed her 500 hour certification.
    Competitor Class Standards:

  • Dead lift (315/205) x10
  • Front Squat (255/165) x5
  • Snatch (185/120)
  • Clean and Jerk (245/150)
  • Pull Ups (40/15) Unbroken
  • Strict Pull Ups (10/5)
  • Muscle Ups (5/2) in one minute
  • Strict HSPU (7/3)
  • Ring Dips (10/3)
  • Double Unders (50) Unbroken
  • Row 500 Meters (1:35/1:55)
  • Run 400 Meters (1:15)
  • Run 1 Mile (7:00)
  • Able to perform Pistols
  • Able to perform Rope Climbs

    **Any athlete wanting to participate in the competitors class must be able to complete 12 of the 15 standards.

    Evaluations will be held this Saturday at 12:30. Everyone is invited to throw down and go through the evaluation. Each athlete will have a checklist that needs to be signed off by one of our designated coaches. Each athlete is responsible for warming themselves up. Spectators are welcome!!

    Yoga starts this Sunday at 11:30am. Cost is $10 a class. Please bring cash. This is a separate program from membership.