CrossFit Kids Summer Program


CrossFit Kids Summer Program

Due to high demand, we are officially announcing our Summer CrossFit Kids Program ages 6-12, starting next week. Emily Mott approached me a few weeks back with a strong desire to head the program. We are super excited and know she will do a wonderful job.

Our goal is to take the fundamental principles of our CrossFit program (General Physical Preparedness) and apply them in a fun way your kids will enjoy. We believe it’s important to instill at a young age, the importance of moving properly and that fitness can be fun. This is why you can expect each of our 45-minute classes to be equal parts learning and fun. The workouts themselves will feel like a game.

Two classes per week – Wednesday & Friday at 10:30-11:15am
12 Spots available
$90 A month

June registration link is here. Be sure to check the box yes that is asking if you are the guardian to the participant. We will need you to sign waivers when you come the first day.