Friday 3.3.2017


Friday 3.3.2017

Sean Cu & Dylan

“Goat Day”
20 Minute EMOM:
Odd Minutes – Goat 1
Even Minutes – Goat 2

Box Brief:
This weeks extra credit is about to get interesting. We only have three tasks this week but each are worth 15 points so be sure you get them done. Extra credit cards must be turned in by Monday at 5pm. No exceptions! Stay on it team captains! 

1. 4+ teammates complete workout together. (15points)

2. Post an instructional video to the Apollo Members Page that gives tips on movement or strategy for Open workout 17.2. This video must include 2 or more members from your team. (15points)

3. Post a video to the Members Page of one teammate getting a complete stranger to do a burpee with you without telling them why. (15points)

Click the link to see the CrossFit Open 17.2 workout!