Friday 4.1.2016


Friday 4.1.2016

Some of the fittest human beings on the planet. No big deal.

5 Rounds:
21 Bicep Curls (45/30)
15 Skull Crushers (45/30)
9 Bench Press @ Body Weight

Box Brief:
 Congrats to these studs! Apollo killed it this Open with some very impressive individual performances. We have #thefittest military, firefighters, police officers and master’s athletes in Nevada. Check out these performances by some of our amazing athletes (listed from left to right):
o Sandi Russo – 5th Fittest Female Masters (55-59) in Nevada
o Stephanie Mack – Fittest Female Military Member in Nevada
o David Kilpatrick – Fittest Male Military Member in Nevada
o Jason Lafreniere – Fittest Police Officer in Nevada
o Jay James – 5th Fittest Police Officer in Nevada
o Justin Field (not shown) – Fittest Firefighter in Nevada

Starting next Monday, April 4th, we are adding a 6:30am class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on a trial basis.