Friday 6.7.2019


Friday 6.7.2019

Foster & Micah

Build to a heavy single

“Black and Blue”
50 – 35 – 20

Wall balls (20/14)
KBS (53/36)

Box Brief:
Congrats to Megan Erlandsen for being the June Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Megan.


Congrats on being our June Member of the Month!! You have been on our radar for a long time. How does it feel to finally join this exclusive group of awesome people?
It feels great! Thanks for thinking of me. It means a lot.

Do you remember your first workout at Apollo? If yes, what was it? What keeps you coming back for more?
I dropped in on a day the WOD was Angie. I didn’t know much about CrossFit and thought it was more like a boot camp type class. I remember being confused after reading the WOD like, “What do they mean do 100 pull-ups? Can people do that?”. Luckily, Monica was there to help me modify my way through. I’m sure I didn’t even believe her when she said that one day I should be able to do it RX. I keep coming back because I love the atmosphere here and I have had great results. Apollo is where I started squatting and lifting bars with any weights on them. I did my first pull-up (kipping and strict), T2B, HSPU, and even bar muscle ups here. Plus, like everyone else mentions the coaching staff here is so encouraging and helpful that no workout seems to intimidating.

So you’re an ultrasound technologist. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at work?
There are two that come to mind. The coolest was a woman who was 9 week pregnant with triplets! Her husband and her had a 10 year old and finally decided they wanted one more. Can you imagine? The craziest/scariest was a man who I saw a 8 cm aortic aneurysm on during a routine kidney ultrasound. That woke me up. I was terrified it would rupture if he breathed too hard. He said he was at the gym the day before doing crunches!

If you could create a workout for the entire gym to do, what would it be and why?
400 meter run
3 Rounds of – 21 cal row, 15 T2B, 9 squats holding dumbells (50/35)
400 meter run
That was actually very difficult. I’m glad I don’t have to do that every day. I just tried to pick exercises for a full body workout. I like the 21,15,9 workouts and think 3 rounds is plenty but it didn’t feel quite enough so I added the runs.

Let’s imagine you’re a UFC fighter walking up to the octagon. What song do they play for you?
Burial by Yogi. It just feels tough and I love hearing it in or before a workout to getting me pumped.

Tell us something we don’t know about you. It doesn’t have to be your darkest secret. Unless you want to share…
I can’t think of anything too crazy but my hobbies include cross stitching, snowboarding, and hiking with my family when I can. I’ve also lived in 2 other countries with the Air Force.

What is your most frequently used Emoji? Don’t lie! We know you love to use them.
I mostly use the one that has one eye closed and is sticking out its tongue. I use it all the time when joking or being silly. I like it more than the laughing crying emoji because honestly not that much is THAT funny. It feels more genuine.