March 2nd, 2016


March 2nd, 2016


David K.


Snatch Balance

12 Minute EMOM:
Minute 1- 20 second L sit
Minute 2- 30 second overhead squat hold
Minute 3- 10 bent over rows

Box Brief:
To view the full score sheet for the 1st week of The Open go to our Apollo Members Page.

“Extra Credit” will be posted on tomorrow nights blog. Hint… I hope you know how to edit videos!

We will be hosting the Open this Saturday. Check in is at 8:45am. The first heat will start at 9:00am. If you plan on competing, you need to be checked in before 10:00am. We will also be open this Sunday from 9-11am for anyone that couldn’t make it on Saturday. Anyone from any gym is welcome to come join us in the fun.

Member of the Month: Alice Moore

1. Alice! You are the Apollo Member of the Month!! Congratulations! What’s your touchdown dance look like?

This is really a good question because I have zero rhythm, but I’d attempt a bad moonwalk or something along those lines. Either way, it would be really bad.

2. You’ve mentioned before that you were apprehensive about starting CrossFit. What eventually pushed you to join Apollo?

I have a good friend who I would always made fun of for talking about Crossfit all the time. I would take the opportunity to tease him every time he mentioned it to me, but he kept nagging me about giving it a try. Eventually I got curious and told him I would give it a try, but mostly because Apollo was down the street from my house. I’m not sure if I would have been motivated otherwise. Luckily Apollo is the best and I ended up liking it … now people make fun of me when I talk about Crossfit! I love it and had I known I’d like it so much I would have tried it sooner!

3. Tell us a fun fact that we don’t know about you.

I was selected to be part of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds back in 2011. No, I’m not a pilot … I worked all their media relations and community events and traveled all over the country for 2 years at every airshow imaginable. I even got to spend a day with Ronda Rousey when we flew her for a media event! For eight months out of the year I was usually home about 2 days a week. My time was cut short by a year because I ended up getting accepted to Officer Training School. It was a humbling experience and wonderful honor to represent the Air Force, but it’s nice to spend more days at home now.

4. If you were to open a restaurant, what feel would you go for?

I love hole in the wall places so I would have to go for something like that! I’m not sure what type of food because I love everything, but I’m sure pizza and beer would be on the menu.

5. If you could sing one song to fire us up for the workout, what would you sing?

No one would ever want me to sing anything! I honestly don’t know because there are so many great songs out there! I like the Rocky movies so maybe “Eye of the Tiger.”

6. The Air Force is taking you away from us soon. As sad as we are, we are equally excited for what your future brings. Where are you going and what’s one Vegas experience you want to knock off your bucket list before leaving?

I’m pretty sad about leaving Apollo because I’m just now starting to get to know so many wonderful people. I’ll be headed to Hill Air Force Base, Utah this summer. I have lived here since 2008 and have had the opportunity to pretty much experience everything Vegas has to offer. I recently crossed Hoover Dam off my list so now all that’s left is finally having my picture taken by the Las Vegas sign on the strip before I drive away.