Monday 1.6.2019


Monday 1.6.2019

Enrique & James

“Two Dragons”
21 – 15 – 9

Sumo deadlift high pull (115/85)
Push press (115/85)

Box Brief:
Are you looking to improve your nutrition/lifestyle going into the new year? Well you’re in luck! The Habitap 10-Week Challenge is starting January 14th. You’ll learn how to create healthy habits that work with whatever life throws your way. Sign-up today!

Congrats to Parker Grimes for being the January Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Parker.


Ringing in the new year is PAAARKERRR!
Well my friend, this is what you’ve been waiting for. I’m assuming you’d like to ‘say a few words’?

First off, I want to thank all my believers. We did it. We defeated the Crusty Chet Cole (I think that’s his name)

We know you’re the 3rd of 7 kids and the gym clown and trouble maker. Your dad is a Falconer, your brothers and sister are badass competitive swimmers. What is something surprising about you we might not know? We already know about you being voted “Senior heart throb” so you can’t use that.
Yes, all that is true. My dad hunts things with birds and my siblings are half dolphin. But more importantly, I was the Senior Heart Throb at Centennial High school in 2014. Something interesting about me is that my ultimate goal is to takeover Crossfit Apollo from Chet Cole. Step 1 out of 69 is complete by me becoming Member of the Year. Next step is to create a feud between the Habitaplife team and the StayFitMomBlog/Dadbod team. With your help we can achieve this.

You were married very young (for these days) and have a bambino on the way. Have/will these events do anything to temper your crazy or bring out your serious grown up side?
These events have done the exact opposite. I am so blessed with an amazing women in my life and so pumped to become a father. By getting married so young I can put all my focus to defeating Chet and not have to worry about finding a wife. My son gives me the security of knowing that there will be a whole new generation of men and women trying to take down this tyrant’s reign.

With your job you could workout at a different place every day and all over town. Why Apollo? Maybe a man crush on your fellow 1 of 7 siblings, Chad?
Yes, Monica has given birth to 6 good looking children and she also had Chad. But that wasn’t the reason I came to Apollo. I came from another gym and the first workout I ever did had rowing in it and Wes beat me…#ashamed #testhim #heslike5’5

So I kept coming in order to get my revenge on Wes. But that revenge didn’t come for a long time. So I spent A LOT of time at the gym. I was able to see how strong the community was at Apollo, and how much care and thought Monica, Wes, and Sid the Sloth lookalike (aka Chad) put into the members/gym. So that’s why I kept coming back and why I will always stay at Apollo!

Now that you have finally reached the pinnacle of success being chosen as Apollo’s member of the month, What next?
Like I said, my next order of business is to create the feud between Habitaplife and StayFitMomBlog. My next order of business is to turn our gym from a Vegas Golden Knight fan base to a die hard Washington Capital fan base. #GoCaps #Welikewinners #Stanley

Last but not least, what would you like to say to your fans and Parker wanna be’s?
WE DID IT. Firstly, everyone who voted for me will get VIP parking and Chad will wash all your cars while you workout. Secondly, I don’t think there are any rules against Back to Back Members of the Month. SO LETS WIN FEBRUARY!!!