Sunday 4.24.2016


Sunday 4.24.2016


Saturday Apollo running

Box Brief:
I wanted to go old school with this weeks article.  In 2002 the founder of Crossfit Greg Glassman posted an article defining what it means to be “fit.”  This is one of my absolute favorite pieces of writing.  Before I started my Crossfit journey many years ago I stumbled across this post on the googleverse.  Mr. Glassman managed to answer questions I had never thought to ask and made me passionate about something I had never tried.  Fast forward to present day and this article stands the test of time with it’s information and what it stands for.  So sit back, grab your favorite beverage (coffee), and enjoy What is Fitness? by Greg Glassman.

Do you struggle with meal prepping?  These videos have some great meal ideas and help make prepping a little easier.  Hope you all enjoy!