Tuesday 2.5.2019


Tuesday 2.5.2019

Dan, Mike, Jamie & Collette

“Throwin’ Fitz”
20 Rounds:
teams of 2
5 Dumbbell hang clean and press (50s/35s)
4 Strict pull-ups
9 10m Shuttle runs
Partners alternate after each exercise is complete. For example: Partner A completes all 5 dumbbell clean and presses. Partner B will then complete all strict pull-ups. Partners will continue to alternate until all 20 rounds are complete.

Box Brief:
Congrats to Denise Ardizzione for being the February Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Denise.

Denise (left)

You’ve been on our radar for Member of the Month for a while now. Congrats!! You have joined an exclusive group of amazing humans here at Apollo. How does it feel?
I tend to stick to myself or with people I know, not super out-going. When Kristen decided to move on campus I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I decided to put my discomfort aside and come in by myself, I am so glad I did! When the other members saw awkwardly of to myself they so friendly and just sort of pulled me into the fold. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, someone always invites me to partner with them even though they know I’m slow and awkward at a lot of the things we do. All of the coaches are amazing, they have worked with me and helped me so much every time I am there. They have always found something I can do and made sure I never felt uncomfortable trying. It truly is like a family and I really do miss it when I miss a few days.

What brought you to Apollo and what keeps you coming back?
Kristen was the one who originally brought me to Apollo. When your 19-year-old voluntarily comes up with an idea to spend time with mom you do it. The people, both coaches and members who I truly enjoy seeing every time I come in. The members are super friendly and the coaches are so helpful and knowledgeable. Teaching me how to do the movements correctly and to my ability has been huge for me. When I am sore it is from a workout, not because I am doing things incorrectly. I am able to do normal everyday things such as climbing stairs or getting in and out of my car without pain. I have been able to show my horse again and I have even started riding again. I teach fourth grade and they love to sit on the floor, I use to dread getting down with them because it was a struggle to stand back up, not any more! My overall quality of life has improved so much I am looking forward to the differences I will see in another 7 months.

Your daughter Kristen is a stud athlete. Is she your only child? Tell us more about your family.
Kristen is my only child. She is in her second year of radiological sciences at UNLV. She is very into weightlifting and is a bikini competitor. My husband, Gary, is also into staying in shape. He work at the test site in a job where literally test their fitness a couple times a year. No sure how I got to the point I was at living with these two.

You recently started the Habitap Challenge. How’s it been going so far? Are you livin’ that Habitap life?
3 weeks complete today! Down 6 pounds, sleeping better, the chronic nasal congestion and cough are almost completely gone. I have also noticed just this week that I have been having to use my inhaler less during workouts. My family is happy, I have been experimenting with real food and new recipes and I feel less moody. I think I am doing well, last week was tough, I had more cravings than the first two but other than the one Reese’s I stayed pretty strong. I have been pretty consistent with working out and I think this was the perfect next step.

You’re such an inspiration and a great example to your family and friends. What would you say to anyone who is considering working out but don’t feel confident they can do it?
Put yourself out there and just do it! It was very intimidating to walk in to Apollo and see what people were doing. I was looking around thinking no way, this is never happening, these people are intense! Don’t worry about what they are doing, the coaches have something for any level to help you progress and get stronger. Those intimidating people are not focused on what you can’t do, they are busy struggling through their own workout and improving themselves. I have also found that they are so supportive, No one is thinking “is that all you can do”. They know what it is like starting out and they are there to help push you through the hard parts when you want to just quit! Again, I say just give it a try, it can be life changing!

Would you rather shrink to 1 inch or grow to 3 stories? Why?
This question took me some time. I have always been one to want to just shrink into the background and not be noticed. Now I think I would rather grow, 3 stories is getting a little carried away but I feel less like hiding in the background. I have been able to go out and do things I didn’t think I could and I don’t want to stop. I want to continue getting out there and doing things and growing and enjoying life.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? Why?
I have actually had this conversation with my daughter in the past. It is not a super hero super power, but I would want the power to refill! This is the ultimate power, I could refill my energy or my happy mood. I could also refill my coffee or my wallet or if someone was really annoying me I could instantly refill their bladder and make them need to go away! (This is possibly the effect of spending most of my day with 9 year olds)