Tuesday 3.14.2023


Tuesday 3.14.2023


Pause Front Squat + Front Squat
5 x 1

20 Rounds:
teams of 2
200 Meter Run

Question of the Week:
Would you rather have a car that never runs out of gas or a car that never breaks?

Box Brief:
The Habitap challenge begins March 20. Kickoff is Saturday March 18, 11:00 a.m. We’ll get your weight, fat% and give you all the info you need to be successful. We’ll go over meal prepping in detail and have tons of samples for you to try and recipes to take home.

Let’s get ready for summer with another 10-week Habitap Challenge, starting March 20th. 

For those that don’t know.. We (Chad & Monica) started an online company called Habitap, back in 2019. 

Our goal of creating this online health and wellness challenge was to help people build healthy eating and lifestyle habits for long term success. 

Through this online 10-week challenge, you will be motivated, educated, and inspired to live a healthier, happier life. 

Join us on March 20th as we all build better nutrition and wellness habits that put healthy living on autopilot. 

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