Tuesday 4.9.2019


Tuesday 4.9.2019


Back Squat
5 @ 50% of 1RM
5 @ 60%
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
Max Reps @ 90%
3 @ 80%
3 @ 70%
5 @ 60%
5 @ 50%

Tomorrow’s Forecast:
Wednesday’s workout calls for snatches and muscle-ups.

Box Brief:
If you’d like to participate in Fast Times At West Tech High, go to this link to learn more and register. If competing isn’t your thing, let’s all come out to support our Apollo athletes as they throw down with others in our Las Vegas Community. We will bring our tent, a cooler full of drinks and a BBQ to feed your faces. Lets show everyone what our Apollo Community is all about! 

Congrats to Brenna Przeslawski for being the April Member of the Month at Apollo! Scroll down to learn more about Brenna.


From whence do you come?  (Where did you grow up)  What was it like growing up there?
I was born and raised in Harper Woods (a.k.a. Harper Hoods) Michigan, that mitten looking state way up north. 8 mile Road, Eminem, and I were pretty much neighbors. Growing up in Michigan was amazing, we spent our summers watching the Detroit Tiger’s play and relaxing “up north” by the Great Lakes. I won’t mention the winters though, those were way too cold. Frosty couldn’t even handle it. Brrr.

What are some of the places you’ve lived. Where is your favorite and why?
So far I have lived in Michigan, Texas, Nebraska, New Mexico, and now Nevada. Other than Michigan, these have all been work related. Nevada is by far my favorite. I enjoy the weather, mountains, and all the outdoor activities that are available year round!

You are very much the Outdoorsy type. What activities do you enjoy most? What has been your favorite adventure so far?
My favorite things to do are mountain biking and hiking 🙂 My most memorable adventure so far, is my first time backpacking in Yosemite National Park. Prior to that trip, I thought camping and backpacking were the same thing. Man was I wrong, my poor feet! Haha

What brought you into Apollo and how has CrossFit affected your life?
Mr. Merryman invited me to Apollo. One day he asked if I wanted to do a cool Halloween workout, so of course I said yes. I completed the entire WOD with a real pumpkin and the rest is history. CrossFit has influenced my life because it gives me 60 minutes a day of not thinking, just simply doing, and bettering myself.

If you could wish for every person in the world to share one attribute what would it be?
Hmmm. If every person in the world could share one attribute, I would hope it would be a sense of humor. Life is a lot better when you can crack a joke 🙂